Our Mission

To inspire and enable all individuals to discover and develop their mathematical confidence and ability.



To emphasize each person’s capability to think mathematically.



To celebrate the ability of math to infuse lives with wonder and insight.



To encourage novel ways to explore the world through math.



To demystify math and reveal everyday ways to think about it.


About Us

The Math Learning Center (MLC) saw a need to share with a broader audience— including parents and community members—more effective and relevant ways of understanding mathematical concepts through the use of visual models, inquiry methods, and learner-focused practices and activities. To meet this need MLC formed the Maier Math Foundation with a shared mission to inspire and enable individuals to discover and develop their mathematical confidence and ability.

The foundation also facilitates collaboration with researchers and other nonprofit organizations to pursue common objectives, such as bridging the gap between academic research and math educators, particularly in elementary school classrooms. 

The Maier Math Foundation is named in honor of MLC co-founder, Professor Gene Maier. Dr. Maier’s novel ideas, engaging approach to math education, and genuine passion for teaching have inspired countless teachers and students as they embarked upon their life-long math journeys.

Who We Are

Steve Burt

Steve Burt

Board Chair

Steve is an education technology strategist with nearly three decades of experience. As Director of Strategy for Clarity Innovations, he oversees the development of new client solutions. Prior to his work at Clarity, Steve was a high school principal and has received the Best of the Best Award at ISTE Conferences for three consecutive years.

Erika Fogarty

Erika Fogarty

Board Secretary

As Director of Brand for the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, Erika develops experiential campaigns and digital content for Science, Education, and Community programs. Erika is also the co-founder of Talk A Mile: an organization that facilitates 1:1 conversations between Black youth and police trainees as they share their visions of their communities.

Dr. David Meier

Dr. David Maier

Board Treasurer

David is Maseeh Professor of Emerging Technologies in the department of Computer Science at Portland State University. He is also the author of a number of books and papers covering everything from relational databases and logic programming to database theory, object-oriented technology, and scientific databases.

Rick Ludeman

Rick Ludeman


Rick is Chief Executive Officer of The Math Learning Center and has masters’ degrees in business administration and adult education. Rick has also served as Adjunct Faculty at Portland State University, was an independent management consultant, and worked at Intel Corporation in finance, staffing, and communications.

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